Switchpod 3 LED, Relay Boards, Extra Buttons

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Switchpod unit, relay boards for switchpod and 18 extra buttons

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The ZA ELETTRONICA switchpod is a unique product of its kind; the communication between the boards is based on the can-bus protocol of the electronic set; the wiring to the voicebox is made with 2 small MODU-2 connectors included in the set.

The choice of this connector has been made to exclude the possibility

 that vibrations can loosen the connection between the boards.

The buttons have been designed and produced to gain the most accuracy

 of what has been seen in the series. The 3D Cad design reached the goal to reproduce the most hidden details like the difference in thickness between the sides and the top/bottom of the button itself. The edges are embossed as also the leds housing. Little details that do a huge difference.

The laser cut of the written plates do not leave them rough or knurled but leave a nice rounded edge in the button itself.

MP3 Reproduction:

To every button there is an associated file. This means that there are 20 files that can be used and you do not have to power on a pc to simulate a dialogue, just press a button of the switchpod. 

The phrases can be change as many times you like! Have an unique customizable leaving maximum freedom to your fantasy!

If the mp3 reproduction is disabled a random DTMF tone will be reproduced.

As for the traditional sounds, a folder named “02” which can be found in the download section of the website and customized on your needs.

Remember that the file extension must be .mp3 and the numbers in the beginning of the file must not be changed otherwise the sound won’t be reproduced.


With this board you can associate an action to every button of the switchpod through the relè board; for example the power on/off of the scanner or the laser. 

With the firmware updater program you can setup the function of every button that can be:

  • Istantly: (in the pic identified as “immediate” blu circled) works when the button is pressed; 
  • Toggle: (in the pic identified as “toggle” blu circled) first press of the button activates the rele; the second press deactivates it;
  • Timed: (in the pic below identified in to sections “seconds” and “minutes” blu circled) in this case the relè is activated when the button is pressed and deactivated when reaches the time limit set by the customer. The minutes and seconds can be setup up with the arrows brown circled in the pic. The value will appear side of the arrows and can be chosen between 1 and 120 (seconds or minutes depending on the selected option).
  • Inactive: identified as “inactive” the relè will not activat


Buttons It is possible to order also a set of 18 extra buttons seen in various episodes of the series, for example “License plate”, “oxygen”, “reverse turbo boost”, “laser”. In the website gallery the complete set is shown.


The automotive cables for the connections are included in the set in every possible combinations


Switchpod Only, Relay Boards, 18 Extra Buttons, Switchpod + Relay Boards, Switchpod + Relay Boards + Extra Buttons


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Switchpod 3 LED, Relay Boards, Extra Buttons
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