My name is Alessandro Zagni and I’m a freelancer with a passion for American cars and for the tv show Knight Rider.

Since I was a child I’ve always dreamed about owning KITT, and as soon as I was able to afford it I’ve bought it, I patiently restored and replicated it, externally and internally.

Over the years I have bought for my dashboard some electronics from different vendors hoping to get better and better functionality, to get closer to what I thought was needed; but the electronics purchased (all perfectly working) were always missing “something” to make them “perfect” for my desires, for my standards.

The idea to start manufacturing electronics similar to what you can find now on daily cars was born from the lack of a product that could match my desires, remind me of the scheduled tune ups, inform me about the real coolant temperature value, oil and fuel levels, of the lights that are originally on the car and that, in most cases with the electronics I had, were lost or not correctly interpreted.

Then in the night time the LEDs that are equipped on the actual electronics dazzled me, and the countdown was reflected on the windshield: this is, in my opinion, quite annoying.

So the ideal electronics for me have had to give the chance, as on today’s cars (and the original dashboard of the car itself), to dim and regulate the brightness when the lights of the car are on.

And that’s what happens with this set. If the running lights of the car are on, the instrument panel is dimmed and the countdown is switched off. No annoying reflection on the windshield. Everything is automatic. Just set the desired brightness.

And so it began my dream… to manufacture some electronics that would reflect the needs of a user, like me, without distorting them. The design and testing of these electronics have taken more than a year during which everything happened, unexpected defeats and victories that helped me to believe even more in this project.

Now it is ready for you!

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