The SMD led, Surface Mounting Device, combined with a PWM has the benefit to light up without seeing the lighting points.

The labels will be illuminated without seeing the lighting points of the leds beneath.

The other leds used are PTH, Plating Through Holes, which means they are soldered to the board through the holes like the one in the picture below. Since i have developed the electronics

 from the beginning i preferred the use of the SMD leds.

This is the most known part and it must be very accurate.

This board has been designed starting from one my personal need: read the labels Auto Cruise, Normal Cruise, Pursuit without seeing the light source underneath. 

The eccessive led power leaded to an ugly light effect which made the labels unreadable in most cases.

Since the boards have been developed starting from 0, the leds that have been used can be power controlled so you can reduce the light and have the labels clearly readable without seeing the SMD leds source light.

The board has also 4 holes studied to be finely fixed to your dash.


The voice box is featured with 6 connection plugs which connects:

  1. RPM

  2. MPH

  3. RCA for Vumeter input source

  4. Count down

  5. 2 connection plugs for switchpod (THESE PLUGS ARE ONLY FOR ZA ELETTRONICA ONLY!)


The connection to the 4 lights of the countdown is made through a connection plug in the rear of the voice box board. 

This has been studied to help you connect the electronics in an easy, clean and immediate way.

If you buy the countdown together with the electronic set the connection cable will be already plugged in the countdown.

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