Aluminium Overlay


Overlays are made in a professional manner, cut with a cutter 3D .

The panels are made of anodized aluminum Anticorodal, perfectly planar on the surface even after milling and drilling mechanics. After machining follows the drafting one-component screen printing ink; at the end of the cycle, the aluminum panel is inserted into a static oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes for drying. In this way it accelerates the curing of the ink on the aluminum panel.

The effect is stunning, a black uniform and full, flawless tone sometimes present in plastic runs. Industrial screen printing white is defect-free, uniform and also without effect "step" of the typical overlay engraved plastic or metal. Being a silk-screen printing and engraving, removing any dust or dirt from the overlay slots can not be filled with material, for the benefit of aesthetics.

The pictures speak for themselves.

There are also slots for securing overlay electronics.

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