There are 2 cpu’s one per board, MPH and RPM which cooperate to process all the car sensors data.

All the sensors data is available through the Interactive message center on which you can visualize water temp, oil pressure, fuel ecc,ecc ; you can also visualize all the phrases that were shown in the tv show.

This has been done because from my personal experience the led bars do not show real values of the sensors but an approximation of them.

So now you can look at the led bars for the data (as for any electronic board present on the market) but you can also read the real value in the message center.

Other information available is: odometer that shows real car miles, trip miles and 

oil service miles remaining.

The values can be shown in MPH or in KPH and it can be adapted for any kind of engines available 4,6,8 cyl.

The message center can also visualize other warnings for example low fuel, check engine, handbrake, Hi beam.

The Mph board as an usb or sd card reader so that the mp3 player can play custom audio files on event basis, there is an RCA connector for audio output (4 Watt output power at 8 ohm) .

These events are:

Power on;

Power off;

The following events can be set on personal needs

-Low fuel

-High water temp 

-Speed limiter

-Rpm limiter

You can download the standard audio files that come with the electronic set in the download area


In this board we have 2 connection. First is for connect the mph board to the voice box, the last is RCA output for mp3 player. In the photo below you see the first one.


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