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For all input/output signals, Z.A. Electronics uses AUTOMOTIVE'S inputs; this makes installation much simpler and cleaner, limiting the cables that run to the dashboard. Inputs and outputs are concentrated in the RPM board. All boards are controlled in fact in CAN-BUS mode, as on modern cars. A benefit with the convenience, ease of assembly and aesthetics. A single multi-pin connector connects them to each other.

We opted for this choice because these connectors are specific for use in applications involving vibration, as happens in the car. In this way are excluded potential loosening of the connections between the card and the power cables of the signals.


In the realization of the boards ZA Elettronica, quality standards are placed at the center of the project. We opted for the SMD technology, and assembly with pick and place machine. Not all components, however, may be mounted with such machine.

Is the case of the LEDs. To ensure the predetermined quality standard, have been created jigs with laser cutting, so as to reduce the misalignment in a few tenths of a millimeter.

This technology feeds and at the same time provides information to the boards. We already have in the project, interactions with other components to be installed in the reply; when they arrive, you will simply have to attach the new component to the electronics and all electronics works togheter immediately, as if he had been born at that moment. It will be a continuous evolution.
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Because everything can be improved and ideas are born from the needs, ZA Elettronica's sets are upgradeable simply by a cable (micro) USB. Just connect the pc to electronics and load the firmware upgrade for future new functions. Just happens like today in the car or in smartphones.

Firmware upgrade via USB - projected into the future
The Z.A. Electronics set is probably the most technologically advanced offered today on the market, it has in fact 4 CPUs in the board. Nobody has dared so much to date. It applies the todays technology, to the vintage aspect of that period. Some features:

Industrial assembly pcb, 6 level boards and components suitable for high temperatures, usually used inside the cars

Input Power: 8 to 24 volts. Automatic shutdown in case of voltage higher than 30 VDC; maximum absorption, without power inputs connected ( PANP or Countdown), 1,8 Ampere 12,5 V;

Setting: total and partial distances, service oil change, engine type (4,6,8 cylinders) units of measure for water (°C and °F) from the Menu; 

Setting of speed to change from Normal mode (or Auto) to Pursuit Mode: reached the speed previuosly set on the Menu, the voice box and the PANP button will switch to Pursuit. As soon as the speed becomes less than what had been set, the voice box and the PANP button will return to the previous mode;

Dimming brightness of ALL LED (voice box included) for driving in the night with the countdown lights off (the function can be activated/deactivated through the Menu). Below a certain value, just the tabs that provide information about the car (speed, rpm, water, oil, fuel),  will remain powered;

Integrated mp3 player to play phrases in case of certain events, such as, for example, the presentation at the “power on”, the fuel reserve, or in case of exceeding the speed limit; 

Integrated clock, oil change indicator: the values will be set by the user through the Menu, at the expiration of the service, the indicator “OIL” on the voicebox blinks until the user will reset the “OIL SERVICE” in the Menu. The message center will show the message “SRV” and the total of Kilometers or miles traveled with the oil;

Accurate reading of the values of rpm and speed without “jumps” in the progression of the numbers, both uphill and downhill; 

CAN BUS Technology: the boards communicate each others by an encrypted protocol. This system is infinitely expandable and allows you to add new devices that will interact with the electronics. Today you have an electronics, tomorrow a set of devices communicating each other simply and naturally, as if the were born together;

Integrated keyboard to manage the Menu board, and predisposition in the Voice Box Board for SWITCHBOARD ZA Electronics currently in design.
Below you can click on each board, to display their characteristics

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The car is an "environment" in which the temperature changes can be substantial. In summer the interior of the nside can be warm up to 60-70 ° C. This is a detail of which was taken into account in the design. The cables that come with your set, are specific cables for AUTOMOTIVE, or the cables "FASE 3". Are cables that have the characteristics of operating temperature to be mounted in the car, so much so that the operating range is from -40 ° C to + 105 ° C.

Moreover, all the cables are sheathed for maximum isolation from the dashboard, and to facilitate assembly are grouped and labeled.

Sometimes in the past, I needed to read the original instrument panel, with the dashboard replica mounted. Operation difficult, if only because of the darkness that prevails between the replica dashboard, and the of the machine. So in the boards RPM and MPH were mounted LEDs SMD high brightness that, when you turn on the electronics, ensure to illuminate the original dashboard of the car. It 'a little foresight, also born this from a personal need. In the images of RPM's board. I hope will be useful to you too.


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