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The design is always at the center of the functionality of the object. Double holes for input and output cables to the +12 v common; it was decided to leave the double holes for the ground, as it could also be used on voicebox competitors that use a common ground instead of +12 Volt
The count down is one of those items that can not be perfect. 

This product, developed in collaboration with KRW, uses the same LED SMD's voice box.

For this important part, we used a metal core PCB, which despite having a higher cost than the traditional PCB, ensures greater dissipation of heat produced by the LED.

It also comes fully assembled, and if ordered with electronics, also already wired in the connector to plug in the "voicebox".

If purchased separately from the electronics, the cables will be supplied welded and you must solder yourself with the wiring ZAELETTRONICA voicebox.

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